Bunting Day

Bunting Day held at Mumma Snow’s Country Kitchen and General Store on Monday 9 September

In collaboration with the Tarana Valley community group, council hosted a Bunting Day workshop. We gathered 15 local women and 1 local man to the local café and made bunting to decorate the Tarana Station with for the ‘Back on Track Train event.

Participants attended from the Tarana Valley and one new community member travelled from Sunny Corner. There was a range of ages and abilities-some just learning to sew while others cut and pinned the flags together, turned them inside out and ironed them.

The community benefits of the day are immediate as well as ongoing; the day brought together a diverse range of community members for a time of connection and social inclusion. The connections made that day have inspired the possibility of an ongoing sewing/crafting/social group within the village which will have long term positive effects on the social connection and mental health benefits for the residents of this isolated village.