Council is continuing the implementation of the Farmers Creek Master Plan (FCMP) by enhancing our recreational and natural environment along Farmers Creek.

As part of the Commonwealth Governments Drought Communities Program Contractors have been engaged to complete weed control works along Farmers Creek. The aims of these works are to control the noxious weeds currently infesting both sides of the creek.

The works are targeting certain species which have been listed as priority noxious species. The weeds identified are;

  • Grey Willow
  • Black Willow
  • Blackberry
  • Cotoneaster
  • English Broom
  • Montpellier Broom
  • Small leaf Privet
  • Japanese Honeysuckle

Contractors will begin the scheduled works at the end of September and work through until December.

Residents will be able to observe changes to the condition of the creek far more regularly as the recreational and amenity values of the area improve, encouraging more people to use this important space.

For further information regarding the Farmers Creek Master Plan, please refer to the Lithgow City Council website: