A community gathering will be held on Monday September 9 at Tarana’s Mumma Snow’s Country kitchen and General Store in preparation for the arrival of the new Bathurst Bullet Service at Tarana on September 16th.

For the first time the new Bathurst Bullet Service will be stopping at Tarana so to make it a special celebration, the residents of Tarana have come up with the idea of making bunting to decorate the station.

Council recognises that within the Lithgow LGA we have a number of communities that are isolated and vulnerable.  The Federal Government Drought Communities Program has allowed Council to work directly with small communities to help meet their identified needs and collaborate on projects close to the heart of the villages that make up the Lithgow LGA.

“This is another opportunity for the village of Tarana to join together and have a positive impact in its community,” says Mayor Ray Thompson. “A day of fun, social connection and even a chance to learn new skills.”

“There will be time for cups of coffee and a delicious morning tea but we will mostly be very busy making bunting to decorate our train station,” says Annie Cook, member of the Tarana Valley Community Group. “Depending on who turns up and what sewing skills they can muster, the length of the bunting will be decided on the day. Perhaps 150 meters – the longitude that Tarana sits on, or maybe 198 meters – the distance in kilometres that Tarana is from Sydney.”

“Bunting Day is an opportunity to build our community,” continued Annie Cook.  “Every time we get together to enjoy a social activity, we check in with each other to ensure that as a community we are becoming more resilient.”

The event will take place at the Mumma Snow’s Country Kitchen and General Store at 10:30am. Everyone is welcome to come along, bring a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, an iron or whatever else you think might be useful. You can have a chat with Annie Cook if you’re not sure what to bring. This is a free event and morning tea will be provided. Even those with no sewing skills are more than welcome to come down, learn a new skill or just have a cuppa.

A project funded through the Commonwealth Government Drought Communities Program.